Bait Boat Viper Icon 4

Bait Boat Viper Icon 4

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Price: € 620
  • Wider hull giving it more stability on larger waters and under full bait capacity.
  • New Legacy ESC based wiring system.
  • New Legacy Door Mechanism system.
  • 2.4ghz Radio equipment giving increased range and no interference from other radio gear/bait boat users.

We offer some customizations on the new Icon, see below for some of the options;

  • Hopper Light
  • 10mm LED Bait Drop Indicator
  • Choice of Rear LED light colour when you order direct from us only.
  • Battery housing with built in LED Torch to illuminate the banks/snags better at night.


* Made from durable ABS.

* Twin jet pumps, no priming needed.

* All boats have superb maneuverability, allowing precise placement of bait.

* Bright blue LED lights at the back of the boat (custom colours available)

* Hopper (capacity 1kg ).

* Comes with 2.4GHz radio handset with set of 8 AA alkaline batteries.

*12v heavy duty boat battery and charger. Instructions and warranty.

* Dimensions: L 590mm x W 350mm x H 210mm

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