Bait Boat Carponizer 1

Bait Boat Carponizer 1

Brand: Carponizer
Product Code: carponizer1
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Price: € 440

Cheap Bait Boat designed with one Long centrally located magnetic hopper ideal for perfect rig presentation, capable of carrying 1,5kg of bait and large dead baits.

All bait boats come as standard with the following:
1. Bait boat 1PC
2. 4 channel remote control handset 1PC
3. 6V4AH lead-acid battery (including connecting wires) 2PCS
4. 1.2V l500mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery for handset 8PCS
5. 15V I.2A home charger for bait boat 1PC
6. 12V 0.5A home charger for handset I PC
7. Rubber antenna for bait boat 1 PC
8. Antenna for remote control handset I PC
9. Carry bag with mesh for bait boat 1PC
10. Protecting foam for bait boat 1SET
11. Outside carton box 1PC
12. User Guide 1PC

Technical Specification

1. Product Model: Carponizer 1
2. Pack Measurement (L*W*II): 568mm*354mm*241 mm
3. Product Dimension (L*W*lt): 470nim*320mm*205mm
4. Product Gross Weight: 7.5 KG
5. Product Net W'eight (including batteries): 6.5 KG
6. Product Outfit: 1 independent hopper,1 independent hook
7. Maximum Bait Capacity: 1.5KG
8. Running Speed: 80meter/minute without weed guard, 50metcr/minute with weed guard (depend on weather and environmental conditions)
9. Electrical System: DC 12V
10. Range: 500-1000 meters (depend on weather and environmental conditions)
11. Radio Handset: I time inverter frequency, Ochannel receiver;
4 channel transmitter,2,4 Ghz
12. Propulsion: 2 independent motor
13. Batteries: Lead-acid 6V4AH/HR
Ni-MH AA1500mAh 1.2V
14. Running time (at max speed): 2+ hours (depend on actual using habit
and working status)
15. Charger Voltage: AC 110V—240V.

Optional Upgraded accessories:

1.Wireless Fish Finder
Professional product is to be used with bait boat together for detecting fishes.
2.Solar Panel
Charge the lead-acid battery and remote control's battery outdoors.
3.Multifunctional Car Charger
Give charging to lead-acid battery,remote control's battery and fish finder's battery by auto's power socket with the using of this professional car charger

Remark:The standard accessories don't include the optional accessories.

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