Bait Boat Carponizer 3

Bait Boat Carponizer 3

Brand: Carponizer
Product Code: carponizer 3
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Price: € 650

Bait boat has been developed over a number of years to give the best facilities and performance of any boat on the market for a fraction of the costs.

Carponizer 3 Bait Boat Details:

Bait Boat Pack Contents:

All Bait Boats come as standard with the following:

1. Bait boat 1 pc
2. 6 Channel Remote control handset 1pc
3. 12V 10.0Ah lead-acid Rechargeable battery for the bait boat 1pc
4. Ni-MH AA 1500mAh 1,2V rechargeable battery for the remote control handset 8pcs
5. AC-DC 12V home charger for bait boat 1 pc
6. AC-DC 12V home charger for handset 1 pc
7. Custom backpack for bait boat
8. Custom carry bag for remote control handset, batteries and chargers


Technical Specifications:

Product model: V1
Dimensions (L x W x H): 680mm * 490mm * 250mm Weight: 8.5kg - including handset and batteries Hoppers: 2 independent Bait capacity: 4kg approx.
Maximum speed: 10Ometer/minute without weed guard, 60meter/minute with weed guard. Electrical system: 12V DC
Range: 500-1000 meters depend on weather and environmental conditions.
Lights: 2 front. 2 rear, 1 port, 1 starboard, 4 battery status Radio handset: 6 channel. 40 Mhz Propulsion: 2 x maintenance-free propeller
Batteries: 12V/10AH lead-acid for bait boat, Ni-MH AA 1500mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery fo r the remote control handset.
Running time (at max speed): 2+ hours

Bait boat optional accessories! not included):
1 Multifunctional Car charger
2. Solar panel charger including connectors
3. Spare batteries
4. Wireless fish finder
5. Spiral bait hopper
6. Vertical bait feeder
7. Frontal Illuminating Light. Electricity Power Monitor

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